Admission Process

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Want scholarship in our school then know about our process and some procedures to follow.

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The admissions team is excited to partner with families who seek admission here at Edu ASIA as they consider their educational choices for their children. As we take you through our admissions process we want you to know that our primary goal is to ensure your child’s success at EDU ASIA.

Our admissions process looks at the character of a child, academically and socially to make sure EDU ASIA is the right fit for him or her. We welcome diversity and hope that families stay with us for their child’s entire academic journey.


Admissions will be considered, subject to vacancies in the respective grade. For all grades we require the past year report card that highlight academic and personal growth.

For Kindergarten
  • To start Kindergarten (age 3-5) at EDU ASIA, our early learners must be able to meet developmental and age appropriate expectations like being able to eat and drink independently, be potty trained with no diapers and other standards required.
  • For parents at the time of application, our admissions process for the Early Years (ages 3 to 5) program requires parents to bring their children in so that we can observe the child in person.
For Primary & Middle School
  • For Grades 1-8, we require students to take a Math and English Test on the content they have recently covered. Middle Schoolers are required to take a Mental Aptitude Test MAP test as a preference at EDU ASIA.
For High School
  • The CBSE program is a two year program that is a content based curriculum. The curriculum is a great platform for our students to prepare for the next phase of higher education.
  • For the CBSE (Grades 9 and 10), we require an English and Math test.