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Founder at EduASIA International Schools

Dear Children, apart from knowledge of facts, aspire to weave the knowledge of values and a variety of objective educational experiences in to the fabric of your school life. We expect our children to develop head to handle complexities, heart to handle diversities and guts to handle ambiguities. I have always been passionate about children because you provide us the opportunity to experience and refine our views about the World and how we are required to shape it to make your future a better place. Let us welcome every new moment as another step into the future, another golden opportunity to complete what we were unable to finish yesterday.

Smt Neela Kumari

During a 33 year career in educational field ,our founder has specialized both in institution development and in solving the academic & administrative issues of the institution. This has given her a rare insight into the challenge of setting up of this kind of educational institution. She is the District Commissioner (Training), Bharat Scouts & Guides. She has traveled across India regarding social & educational related activities. She had been awarded “Most Admired Teacher by the Public” through the educational department . Working with students has long been one of her enthusiasms. Her sincere devotion towards the education of children, training of teachers, upliftment of women and eradication of social evils, is widely recognized.