Vice-Chairman Profile


Vice-Chairman at EduASIA International Schools

Edu ASIA is a wonderful experience for child where they are prepared for the future by providing ample opportunities to develop all aspect of their personality. As our motto goes ‘Ominus Partus’-child is prepared for the LIFE Challenges rather than just school exams.

Sandesh Kumar M.S.

Lt Sandesh Kumar M.S, a kind of talk walk “Ajeet Hi Abeet Hi” meaning Always Daring Always Victorious is the key architect of this institution. If anyone ever happen to meet him, they feel the difference. Lt Sandesh an illustrious alumni of prestigious institution Sainik School (Bijapur),National Defence Academy,(Pune),Indian Military Academy( Dehradun) with a dream to get a school of its kind is now on the board .He served in the India's Most Gallantry award winning army unit 8JAKLI(Siachen). He has developed a splendid spirit of accepting challenges of life. Another prominent facet of his is that he is a great promoter of quality education. He is the spirit behind an institution known as 'Edu ASIA'.